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Starting with their very first sojourn, as recounted in 'Good Dog Carl', Carl and baby Madeleine have charmed and delighted readers of all ages and scandalized the literal-minded.  They have appeared in picture books, pop up books, puzzles, calendars, coloring books and even journals. These are all the books that tell of Carl's adventures.

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Good Dog Carl and the Baby Elephant


Left by mother to enjoy a chance to see the baby animals at the local zoo,​ Carl and Madeleine leave to get ice cream.

Carl doesn't seem surprised to find them being followed by a baby elephant, but the little fellow does turn out to be trouble! 

Good Dog Carl


Carl is every child’s favorite Rottweiler, the dog with the dexterity and responsibility of an adult. Carl takes care of the baby Madeleine when her mother is away. Lunch is bread and butter on the floor, followed by a quick hop in the tub, a speedy blow dry and back into the crib – just in time for Mom’s reappearance.


Carl Goes Shopping


Everyone's favorite rottweiler is back in an all-new adventure. This time Mom asks him to watch the baby in a department store. The minute she's out of sight, Carl and the baby's adventure begins.


Carl's Christmas


Christmas is a time of wonder and anticipation, especially for this mischievous pair. On Christmas Eve Carl and the baby wrap a present for Mom and Dad. Then out they go for a nighttime frolic until it's time to return home to await Santa's visit. Will he ever come? Of course he does, but it is so late that only Carl is awake to greet him. And that's when the real magic begins.


Carl' Afternoon in the Park


This addition to the popular series dffers in being entirely outside and features a new character: a puppy who joins canine babysitter Carl and his small human charge. The dogs are as charmingly true to life as ever, while the fantasy will beguile fans and maybe worry a few literal-minded caregivers.


There is also a secret to this book–27 dogs are hidden in the backgrounds of some of the illustrations.  See if you can find them!

Carl's Masquerade


To the delight of Carl's fans, Mother and Dad once again go out - this time to a masquerade ball - leaving you can guess who in charge of the baby. With Baby aboard his back, Carl follows the parents to the party, where the lights, decorations, and costumed guests enthrall the dog and his charge.


Carl Goes To Daycare


Carl in charge of a daycare center? Not exactly, but after reading this new adventure, you'll think he should be. When Mom drops off Carl and the baby at the center, the teacher gets locked outside. And while she tries to figure out a way to get back in, Carl takes over. From music to art class to nap time, the baby-sitting canine sets the pace, but toddlers will be toddlers, and the chaotic results are hilarious.


Carl's Birthday


Carl's family has planned a surprise party for him and as last-minute preparations take shape, Carl and baby Madeleine are sent to take their naps at a neighbor's. Naturally Carl sneaks back into the house with Madeleine in tow, inspects most of the presents, adds sugar to the punch and samples the cake, all the while covering his tracks.

Follow Carl!


Children barking at a squirrel in a tree? Carrying sticks in their mouths? Begging for food? Who could be responsible for such silly shenanigans except everybody's favorite baby-sitter, Carl, who takes a group of neighborhood children on a lively game of Follow the Leader. Alexandra Day's lush autumnal landscapes are the perfect setting for the funny goings-on in the game.

Carl's Sleepy Afternoon


His owner believes Carl is at home taking a nap, when really he’s making tracks all over town. He visits a bakery, makes a delivery for the pharmacist, helps out a veterinarian, and joins in a magician’s act in the park. But in the most important event of the day, Carl becomes a real hero when he rescues a litter of puppies from a fire.


Carl's Summer Vacation


Carl and Madeleine are supposed to be napping while Mom and Dad get the summer cabin ready for company, but this lovable canine and his charge have better things to do. They escape from the hammock to do some canoeing, pick blackberries, and enjoy a picnic. Carl even plays a little baseball! That night, Mom and Dad wonder why the two are so tired.

Carl's Snowy Afternoon


When Madeleine’s parents go to the Pond Party, they leave Carl and the baby at home for a cozy winter afternoon with a babysitter. But Carl and Madeleine have plans of their own— they want to play in the snow! Of course, resourceful Carl gets the baby home before her parents return—and the televsion obsessed babysitter is never the wiser.


Carl at the Dog Show


Carl is going to the Dog Show to see his brother compete, but when Mother tells him and Madeleine that they have a little while to look around, they get distracted by all there is to see at a dog show. But of course they do get where they are supposed to be in time to congratulate Carl's brother on his new Championship.


Carl's Halloween


Mom has to go help Grandma, but it's Halloween, and Carl and Madeleine don't want to miss out on the fun. So after Mom leaves, they make their own costumes and go out trick-or-treating by themselves. They even stop in at a party to bob for apples before they return safely to their house, content from their Halloween adventure and with Mom none the wiser.


You're A Good Dog Carl!



​In this collection of six of Alexandra Day's popular Carl stories, Carl and the baby explore a department store, a park, and even a masquerade ball―and always make it back before Mother knows they're gone. Carl and Madeleine's joyful romps, told mainly through lush, wordless spreads, are gathered together here for the first time.


Carl Pops Up


The rottweiler, the baby he cares for and selected objects inventively spring from the pages and-with the help of pull-tabs-move in a variety of entertaining ways. Upon opening the cover, which features a die-cut window, the reader is welcomed by a happy baby and an attentive, eager Carl-both of whom rise up from the title page.

Carl Makes A Scrapbook


Mom started a scrapbook years ago, but when she leaves the house, Carl and baby Madeleine decide to update it with their own mementos. Carl's many fans will welcome this charming glimpse inside his world, based on some real and not so real experiences in the author's life. This almost wordless fantasy includes winning entries from the Carl's Scrapbook contest.


My Puppy's Record Book


Carl and Alexandra Day have created a baby record book for puppies. It has room for a paw print and a lock of fur, as well as places for photographs that record such special things as a family portrait, best trick, and first birthday. The book also has a page to keep track of the puppy's medical history. Lively illustrations, plus a metal keepsake medallion for the puppy's collar, make this a must for every dog owner.

Carl's Baby Journal


A keepsake book features the lovable rottweiler Carl and his infant mistress and provides spaces for imprinting hand and foot prints, storing a lock of hair, securing photographs, and recording important milestones.


Carl and the Puppies


Mama Dog needs a rest. Carl offers to watch her puppies. Will he be able to keep three playful puppies out of trouble?

Alexandra Day's beloved babysitter, Carl the dog, stars in this brand-new story created especially for beginning readers.


Carl and the Baby Duck


Mama Duck has lost one of her ducklings. Where could Baby Duck be? Mama Duck asks Carl for help. Will Carl be able to find Baby Duck?

Alexandra Day's ever-popular dog, Carl, stars in this brand-new story created especially for beginning readers.


Carl and the Kitten


A kitten is stuck up in a tree. How is the kitten going to get down? Can Carl find a way to help the kitten get down from the tree safely?


Alexandra Day's ever-popular dog, Carl, stars in this brand-new story created especially for beginning readers.


Carl and the Sick Puppy


Taking care of a sick child is not easy, and it's no different for Carl. When he agrees to care for Daddy Dog's sick puppy, Carl is run ragged by Puppy's demands.


Alexandra Day's ever-popular dog, Carl, stars in this brand-new story created especially for beginning readers.


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